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Learn about the Florida CGP & SWPPP Requirements

You are required to prepare and implement a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (or SWPPP). for any project that is larger than 1 acre or if less than 1 acre but part of a Larger Common Plan of Development.

What is a SWPPP?

Here in Florida,  the Construction Generic Permit (CGP) also requires the permittee to prepare and implement a SWPPP. But given the fact that SWPPPs come in all shapes and sizes, we constantly get asked “what are the SWPPP requirements for the FL CGP?” You will want to make sure your SWPPP is in compliance with the Construction Generic Permit in Florida, the question of what's required can be broken down into six essential topics that need to be followed.

1 - SWPPP Development

The SWPPP must be prepared following standard industry practices. The FDEP has some guidance documents on how a SWPPP should look, but Cherokee Tribal SWPPP creates SWPPP Log Books that pass all regulatory audits from the FDEP or the MS4 County or City authorities.

2 - SWPPP Implementation/Development

The SWPPP must be prepared prior to submitting your Notice of Intent (NOI). You must implement your SWPPP as soon as you receive authorization of permit coverage.

3 - Document Control

Throughout the life-span of your SWPPP and the CGP permit in Florida, you’ll accumulate a ton of paperwork, from inspections, to revisions, map and certifications. It is important to keep this documentation at the construction site or at an appropriate alternative location, which must be specified on the SWPPP and on your NOI. Cherokee Tribal SWPPP will assure this action takes place.

4 - Keep your SWPPP current

The SWPPP is a living document that always needs to be reflective of the current site conditions. All revisions need to be included in the SWPPP as attachments. Cherokee Tribal SWPPP will assist you in completing this requirement.

5 - Signed & Certified SWPPP Documentation

All contractors and subcontractors identified in the SWPPP must sign a copy of the certification statement agreeing to abide by the rules of the SWPPP before conducting any construction activities at the site.

6 - What's in your SWPPP?

Your SWPPP has to be reflective of the requirements laid out in the Construction Generic Permit in Florida. As far as contents is concerned, it must have at least the following areas and topics described in detail:

Storm Water "Team"

Contracts & Subcontractors

Site / Construction Activities Description

Site Map

Non-storm water Discharges

Dewatering Controls

Best Management Practices (or Storm water BMPs)

Permanent Storm water Management Controls


Maintenance Activities

Certifications & Signatures

Basic Requirements of a SWPPP for the Florida Construction Generic Storm water Permit

What Services do you offer?

We offer 3rd Party & 1st Party SWPPP/Erosion & Sediment Control BMP Inspections, SWPPP Audits, Water Sampling, SWPPP Preparation, Notice of Intent and Termination Submittal, and EPA, SWPPP NPDES CGP/NOI Environmental Permit Compliance Training.

Are you experienced and qualified?

State of Florida FDEP Qualified Stormwater Inspector NPDES #9909 

(2) State of Florida Stormwater One Qualified Compliance Inspector and SWPPP Qualified Preparer Certificates

Lee County, Florida Advanced Stormwater Management Certificate

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) NPDES Spill Prevention, Containment and Response Training Certificate

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Tier 1 Training Certificate

State of Florida (CGP) Construction Generic Permit Rules and Regulations Certificate

State of Louisiana (CGP) Construction Generic Permit Rules and Regulations Certificate

State of California (CGP) Construction Generic Permit Rules and Regulations Certificate

State of Alabama (CGP) Construction Generic Permit Rules and Regulations Certificate

State of Kentucky (CGP) Construction Generic Permit Rules and Regulations Certificate

AZ Department of Highway Transportation Sediment and Erosion Control Coordinator Certificate

State of Arizona Chapter of General Contractors Erosion Control Coordinator Training Certificate

Troxler-Asphalt, Concrete, Aggregate, Soils Compaction and Density Methods Training Certificate

Arizona Homebuilders Association Dust Control Management for Construction Certificate

LORMAN "Phase II Storm Water Regulations and Compliance Certificate

CONTECH Controlling Discharges from Underground Detention/Retention Facilities Certificate

Western Piedmont North Carolina EPA SWPPP Field Exercises Certificate

(25) "EPA" Watershed Management Academy Training Certificates

(12) Certificates "STORMWATER ONE", NPDES, MS4, Oil & Gas, Low Impact, Bioretention, Infrastructure

(5) Certificates "National Society of Professional Engineers" Project Management

City/County of Honolulu Hawaii, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan Coordinator Certificate

Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc. Training Certificate (ASFPM) Certified Floodplain Manager

Walmart Stormwater Compliance Training Certificate

City of Albuquerque, New Mexico SWPPP & Watershed Training Certificate

(2) Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Regulatory Training Certificates

(2) MOST Municipal Stormwater Training Center Certificates

State of Maryland Erosion & Sediment Control Certification

State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation Certificate

(3) University of Maryland SWPPP Training Certificates

CED Engineering Confined Spaced Entry Certificate

ALISON Soil & Water Conservation Engineering-Erosion Control Measures Certificate

(2) AEC Training Certificates Design Considerations & Low Impact Development

(3) North Carolina State University Stormwater Training Certificates

(CMSI) City of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, North Carolina SWPPP Site Inspector Certificate

AARCHER Institute of Environmental Training Stormwater Compliance Manager Certificate

State of Michigan Certified Industrial SWPPP Operator Certificate

(3) IECA International Erosion Control Association SWPPP Training Certificates

State of Maine (ESCI) Erosion & Sediment Control BMP Inspector and (8) Training Certificates

City of Muncie, Indiana, Delaware County Stormwater Management Inspector Certificate

MS4 Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Certified

State of Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Inspector Certified

OHIO Engineers Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for NPDES Construction Sites Certificate 

Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition Irrigation Land Regulatory Program (Rural, Farms and Ranches)(SECP) Certificate

State of Nebraska (NDOT) Department of Transportation Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Inspector & Installer Certificates

(10) State of Virginia (VDOT) Department of Transportation (DEQ) Department of Environmental Quality Certificates for VSMP Inspectors

State of Delaware (DNREC) Department of Natural Resources Environmental Certificate (Blue Card)

State of New Hampshire (DECI) Designated Erosion Control Inspector

(4) Penn State University Extension (MS4) Urban Stormwater Training Certificates

State of Maryland Forestry(RCP) Responsible Person Certificate for (ESC) Erosion and Sediment Control for Forest Harvest Operators (Master Logger Green Card)

State of North Carolina (NCDOT) Department of Transportation Level 1 Erosion and Sediment Control BMP Installer/Inspector Certificate

City of Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky (EPSC) Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Installer/Inspector Certificate

(CESCP) Certified Environmental Stormwater Compliance Professional, Certificate # 13575022897210414, National Registry of Environmental Professionals

(ICCSPPII) State of Iowa Certified Construction Site Pollution Prevention Inspector & Installer NPDES Training Certificate

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Knowledge you need to know!

1.  What does SWPPP stand for? SWPPP is an abbreviation for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.
2.  What is a SWPPP? The SWPPP is a document that outlines how a construction project will minimize storm water pollution.  Construction sites are a well-known source of sediment and other pollutants which can cause significant harm to rivers, lakes, coastal waters, and flood control facilities.  The SWPPP describes the contractor's activity to prevent pollution for the specific project.  The SWPPP should be kept on the construction site and updated frequently to reflect changes at the site.

3.  What is the purpose of the SWPPP?: The purpose of the SWPPP is to develop a strategy for construction projects to comply with Federal and State storm water regulations.  These regulations are put in place to minimize sediment and other pollutants in storm water runoff commonly associated with construction activities.

4.  What is included in the SWPPP? BMPs to minimize erosion and sediment (i.e. gravel bags, silt fence, straw wattle, sediment basin, soil stabilizers, etc...)
  • BMPs to minimize non-storm water discharges (i.e. concrete waste management, material waste management, good housekeeping practices, etc...)
  • Site inspections and BMP maintenance
  • Laboratory sampling and analysis
5.  What are BMPs (Best Management Practices)? BMPs are procedures or engineered controlled devices used to reduce storm water pollution from the construction site.  BMPs for construction sites are generally temporary but need to be maintained regularly.
6. How often are SWPPP Site Inspections required? In the State of Florida per the (CGP/NOI Permit), BMPs are required to be inspected weekly and within 24 hours of rain event of 1/2 inches by a qualified SWPPP Sediment & Erosion Control Inspector